the Cubano ~ Grilled Cuban Sandwich

When you grow up in Miami you know all about 

Now I live about 1 hour away, but managed to 

month when I needed to go to Miami to 

renew my passport. Now I get my Cubano fix

at home. It’s a great sandwich!

To make an authentic Cubano you need:

Cuban bread

roast pork slices

boiled ham

pickle slices

Swiss cheese

Yellow mustard

and butter.
I always plan on making this sandwich whenever
I make a pork roast. I know there’ll be great
Cubanos the next day. You can maybe leave out
the roast pork if you don’t have any, but change
 too many other ingredients and you won’t have
 a real Cuban.

You’ll have a nice grilled ham and cheese
sandwich instead.

Of course there is only one bread that works
best, and that’s Cuban bread.  Why Cuban bread?
Cuban bread is under baked 

so it’s not ready to eat when you buy it.

 It’s meant to be grilled, toasted or warmed

 in the oven without getting overly browned or
 dried out.  It compresses nicely and gets golden
brown and crunchy when  grilled. Most

 grocery stores carry Cuban bread now. 

If all else fails, use Italian or French.

I had the roast pork slices leftover from 

made earlier and I always plan on making

Cubanos with the leftovers. 

Golden brown and pressed.

Cut diagonally to serve.

~ Cubanos ~ 

Grilled Cuban Sandwich

Cuban bread

roast pork slices

boiled ham

pickle slices

Swiss cheese

Yellow mustard

and butter.

Using a grill or cast iron skillet heat the pork

slices on one side. Slice the bread 

in half horizontally and butter the cut side. 

Place buttered side down on the grill

 and grill until lightly toasted. Remove the bread 

to a cutting board and lay on the pork, pickles, 

cheese and ham on one side. Slather the yellow 

mustard on the other side and put together.

Butter the top of the bread and place buttered

side down on the grill. Butter the bottom side. 

Close the grill and cook for 2-3 minutes until

heated, browned, and the cheese melts.

Remove to the cutting board and cut

diagonally into long triangles. 


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