MIH Recipe Blog: Veggie Sandwich

A few weeks ago, I found a little health food store called Veer Market and they also have a deli sandwich menu. With gluten free sandwiches too!! I actually looked it up on an app called Find Me Gluten Free and it was just across the freeway from where I was at the mall. I ordered the Veer Veggie and they made it on Canyon Bakehouse gluten free bread which I am familiar with. I ate it when I got home and was pleasantly surprise how full they packed it! WOW have I missed a good deli sandwich like that!

Well I loved it so much and couldn’t stop thinking about it, I decided to make it myself at home. I can find Canyon Bakehouse gluten free bread in a few stores nearby. It’s one of the few GF breads I can eat fresh and not toasted. For this sandwich I did lightly toast mine.

So they used a chipotle mayo and lots of fresh veggies. I mixed a little gluten free chipotle/adobo into mayo. Just a little because I find it spicy.

Veggie Sandwich

Gluten Free sandwich bread (such as Canyon Bakehouse 7 Grain)


Chipotle/adobo sauce (be sure it’s gluten free!)


Alfalfa sprouts

Tomato, sliced

Red onion, sliced

English cucumber, peeled and sliced

Avocado, mashed

Salt and pepper to taste


Toast the bread if you like. Combine enough mayo with how ever much chipotle/adobo sauce you want. Assemble sandwich. I like to smear the mayo then add the lettuce, smashed avocado, sprouts, tomato, cucumber and onion with a little salt and pepper. 

This post is of my own personal review, we discuss this bread often in a facebook group for being gluten free.

I make this at least a few times a week as long as the sprouts are fresh. I shared this one ^ on Instagram before.


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