Rita’s Recipes: Basil Pesto

Fresh pesto is bursting with herby garlicky bold  flavors. Whenever my basil plant starts to get  “leggy” I give it a good trim. It encourages the  plant to get thicker, and it will make a  great pesto.  Strip the leaves from the stems.  Wash them  in cold water in the bowl of a salad spinner.  Continue Reading

Bruschetta with Tomatoes and Basil

This bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil couldn’t be easier. It’s a favorite that’s always  on the menu when we visit the kids in Atlanta.  Telaryn doesn’t follow a recipe and after  you’ve made if once you won’t need to either. Bruschetta (pronounced brusketta),  is a classic Italian appetizer. It’s a simple  mixture of chopped fresh tomatoes, fresh Continue Reading